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Dominic Gagnon is a multidisciplinary artist from Quebec who is a pioneer in the appropriation cinema of social networks. He has developed a whole filmography specialising in this branch of creation, currently consisting of seven feature films with titles such as RIP in Pieces America, Hoax_Canular and Of the north. For the first time invited to Barcelona, he will give a master class entitled Wired Cinema to explain his work methodology and his vision of contemporary audiovisual expressions.

The master class will take place on Sunday 27/2 at 10:30 at the Zumzeig cinema and will be followed by a screening of his film Big in China. Georges and the Vision Machines.

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making use of computers to transfer or receive information, especially by means of the internet.
“the economic arguments for getting your business wired”.

  • (of a device or network) using wires or cables rather than wireless technology to transmit signals.

1.2 informal

in a nervous, tense, or edgy state.
“not much sleep lately – I’m a little wired”

  • under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“wired on acid, Hendrix ran through his UK hits”

Description of the talk:

How I research, produce and distribute my films since 2007. Anecdotes de production  et extraits des films Rip in Pieces America (2008), Hoax_Canular, (2013) of the North (2015), Going South (2018) and Space Down (work in progress) and several archive pieces from the WWW.

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