Cuadecuc 2022


cuadecuc 2022

Director: Joan Tisminetzky
Country: Spain
Year of production: 2021
Duration: 60′
Language: Catalan
Place: Filmoteca de Catalunya
Date: 25/2 at 20:00 and 27/2 at 19:30.
Q&A with Tomàs Pladevall, Esteve Riambau and Joan Tisminetzky (25/2)
Q&A with the presence of the director (27/2)
Premiere in Catalonia
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Synopsis: Tomàs Pladevall (Sabadell, 1946) is an anthological director of photography, a master among masters, revered for his outstanding professionalism. Joan Tisminetzky, cinematographer of the digital era, approaches him to do a profile piece, from the  fascination that some of his works, such as Tren de Sombras (José Luis Guerin, 1997), have provoked in him. The protagonist’s most intimate profile is revealed through conversations, memories and his infinite passion for light. The sunset, already ahead, does not interrupt his playful magic to observe and capture the light over and over again, as if each day were the first day we opened our eyes.
Best Spanish Feature Film Director Award FICX Gijón.

Direction: Guillermo Carreras-Candi, Kumjana Novakova
Country: Bosnia Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Spain
Year of production: 2021
Duracion: 72′
Language: Bosnian, English
Version: VO Catalan subtitles
Place cinema Zumzeig
Date: 26/2 at 12:00 and 27/2 at 17:00
With the presence of the directors
* 26/2, session with free consumption at the Bistrot
Premiere in Catalonia
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Synopsis: Srebrenica is a name known worldwide, associated with the pain and carnage committed in the Bosnian War (1992-1995). Macedonian filmmaker Kumjana Novakova and Catalan filmmaker Guillermo Carreras-Candi spent years observing and immersing themselves in the layers of complexity of this silent place, where the past lives everywhere, in the people, the landscape and everyday events. From the twentieth anniversary of the genocide and mass burials to archives and thoughts that shake the present reality, Disturbed Earth evokes a mirror of the crimes committed in a specific place, reflected in turn in all of humanity.
Festivals: Sarajevo Film Festival, Play-Doc Tui, FICX Gijón.

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