La Inesperada is a film festival focused on non-fiction. We are passionate about cinematographic language that relates to reality, understanding these practices as a wide territory where everything, from cinema to visual arts, has a place. At La Inesperada we believe in non-fiction as a space for free and genuine, author-centred and contemporary creation.

Why a festival?

To fill cultural gaps

  • The non-fiction cinematic currents that exist around the world, and with which we align ourselves, are scarce in our country. There are very few specialised festivals, and in general-interest festivals it is almost always given a secondary visibility. In commercial media, non-fiction is non-existent, understanding any link with reality through the standard television report or documentary. As lovers and scholars of this language, therefore, we want to open up more opportunities to see and follow it.


To give more support to the local scene

  • There are numerous creative people in Catalonia who, year after year, produce high quality works. Often these creations have little visibility in our territory, despite the fact that they receive international recognition. One of the main aims of La Inesperada is to open exhibition windows for this local cinematography.


To reclaim the cinematographic experience in response to the internet

  • Advances in audiovisual viewing via the internet are here to stay. Accepting the existence of this unstoppable path, we defend the cinematographic experience of collectively sharing a film in a cinema, with a large screen and with the highest possible quality. We propose to create film sessions that are unrepeatable events that can only be experienced in person. This is how we feel about cinema and, without rejecting contemporaneity, we want to delve into this unique and historical experience.


La Inesperada was born as a film festival, but it also has other long-term perspectives, such as the expansion of other activities (master classes, seminars) or support for the creation and development of film projects.


We consider it essential to keep certain values in mind and to apply them in all the projects we carry out. On the one hand, a commitment to Human Rights, not admitting proposals that promote or support activities that go against Human Rights. On the other hand, a gender perspective, committing ourselves to work to compensate for the imbalance in all existing professional areas as well as in a non-sexist use of language in all texts and presentations, among other measures. Nor will we forget labour rights, offering an adequate professional treatment to all the people involved in our activities, nor cultural diversity, supporting the reflection of it in our content and activities.

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