The filmmaker Blanca Camell (Barcelona, 1990) has created a substantial range of short films over the last decade. Her short stories are fictions that flirt with reality and self-representation. The set of her films shows her own world full of emotional journeys and packed suitcases, of falling in love and reunions, of lived memories and present experiences, of sadness and joy condensed in everyday life, with a special talent for framing and representing the feelings moments before they evaporate. Her short films have been selected at prestigious festivals such as Locarno, Indie Lisboa, Courtisane, Coté Court, Zinebi, D’A, FIC Gijón or Punto de Vista, among many others.

With the presence of the author.

Place: Zumzeig Cinema Date: Thursday 22/2 at 19:00 and Saturday 24/2 at 12:00 Duration: 97′

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Ídols / Idols

Year: 2016. Duration: 19′ Language: Catalan, French. VO English subtitles.

At a party in Barcelona, Helena hopes to find a former lover with whom she is still in love. The night progresses until dawn between sensuality and disdain.

Tombent les heures / The hours fall

Year: 2018. Duration: 25′ Language: Spanish, French. VO Spanish subtitles.

A girl wanders through the city between bars, streets and lots, without finding the person she loves. People stop, dance, interrupt filming. A picturesque poet improvises stanzas. The post-industrial landscape of Montreuil, a working-class and Arab town, will help you forget your loneliness.


Year: 2019. Duration: 16′ Language: Catalan. VO Spanish subtitles.

Anna returns to Barcelona to spend a few days. She walks through the neighborhood where she lived with Àlex before going abroad. The spaces seem strange, increasingly transformed by mass tourism. The apartment in which they lived now belongs to Airbnb.

Castells/ Castles

Year: 2022. Duration: 22′ Language: Catalan, French. VO Spanish subtitles.

Lara, a girl who lives in France, returns to Catalonia for a few days to get away from her emotional uncertainties. She will be reunited with streets, towns and traditions, with friends and platonic loves that will uncover the roots of her memories.

Renacuajos / Tadpoles

Year: 2023. Duration: 16′ Idioma: Catalan, French. VO Spanish subtitles.

Award X Film Punto de Vista festival 2022. Catalan Premiere

In the early 2000s, when I was a preteen, I took a trip with my family to Navarra. Twenty years later I look for photos from those days but I can’t find them. Tadpoles, based on a family anecdote, reflects on the transmission of memory. How do I film or photograph my child? What memories am I leaving with the images I constantly create of them?

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