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Pictures of the third edition

Nuria Giménez Lorang, in the presentation of the festival at the Catalan Cinematheque Lina Gorbaneva, in the EXIT session, with producer Santiago Fillol Kikol Grau, in the EXIT session, talking with Serrana Torres Zeltia Outeiriño presenting her project at EXIT James Lattimer discussing EXIT projects Manel Raga presenting hisproject at

Pictures of the second edition

Carmen Santamaría (pianist), Inés García (filmmaker) and Oriol Mallart (baritone). Opening session of La Inesperada 2022. Oriol Mallart and Carmen Santamaría’s interpretation of Inés García’s Winterreise. (source: internet). Q&A of the Winterreise session. Presentation of the EXIT section at SGAE’s headquarters (source: SGAE Catalunya). Albert Kuhn exposing “El passat serà

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