Miquel Freixas

Pictures of the second edition

Carmen Santamaría (pianist), Inés García (filmmaker) and Oriol Mallart (baritone). Opening session of La Inesperada 2022. Oriol Mallart and Carmen Santamaría’s interpretation of Inés García’s Winterreise. (source: internet). Q&A of the Winterreise session. Presentation of the EXIT section at SGAE’s headquarters (source: SGAE Catalunya). Albert Kuhn exposing “El passat serà

Program of the second edition!

The second edition of La Inesperada festival is here! The film festival La Inesperada will hold its second edition from 24th to 27th February 2022 at theFilmoteca de Catalunya and the Zumzeig cinema. The programme includes two premieres of Catalan productions and a variety of films from all over the

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