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Pictures of the first edition

Venues and prices

The first edition of La Inesperada  festival (25th – 28th February) has the pleasure of having two magnificent…

Cuadecuc, Atómica, Supernova

The sections of the festival: For all those people interested, we want to tell you how the La Inesperada festival will show its films. The festival will be divided, for now, into three sections.   Cuadecuc We believe it is important to give value to local culture. Catalan non-fiction film

La Inesperada, un festival de cine

La Inesperada Film Festival will hold its first edition in 2021. It will be held from 25th to 28th February at the Filmoteca de Catalunya and the Zumzeig cinema. In 2020 we have lived through strange times and you have to be a bit crazy to undertake a new cultural

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