Pictures of the second edition

Carmen Santamaría (pianist), Inés García (filmmaker) and Oriol Mallart (baritone).

Opening session of La Inesperada 2022.

Oriol Mallart and Carmen Santamaría’s interpretation of Inés García’s Winterreise. (source: internet).

Q&A of the Winterreise session.

Presentation of the EXIT section at SGAE’s headquarters (source: SGAE Catalunya).

Albert Kuhn exposing “El passat serà millor”.

Maria Castan de Manuel presenting “Pompeia”.

Committee of experts formed by Rafael Cueto, Margot Mecca and Pablo Menéndez.

Irene Bartolomé exposing her projecte “Elegy of a city”.

Albert García-Alzórriz at the presentation of The blue flower in the land of technology.

Audience attending La Inesperada film festival, Catalan Cinematheque, 25.02.2022

Presentation of the film “D’Ombres”. Esteve Riambau and Núria Giménez Lorang.

Q&A about “D’Ombres”: Esteve Riambau, Tomàs Pladevall and Joan Tisminetzky.

Joan Tisminetzky, director of the film “D’Ombres”.

Tomàs Pladevall.

Post-session discussion on Luis Ospina.

Maria Luna at the discussion about Luis Ospina.

Jorge Caballero at the discussion about Luis Ospina.

Miquel Martí Freixas moderating the discussion about Luis Ospina.

La Inesperada sessions at Zumzeig Cinema.

Q&A with Dominic Gagnon after the screening of “Big in China”.

Guillermo Carreras-Candi and Kumjana Novakova.

Q&A with Guillermo Carreras-Candi and Kumjana Novakova about “Disturbed Earth”.

Morning screening of La Inesperada at the Zumzeig cinema.

Dominic Gagnon during his master-class “Wired Cinema”.

Pictures: Albert Castillo, Laia Campamà. La Inesperada. CC by 4.0

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