La Inesperada, un festival de cine

La Inesperada Film Festival will hold its first edition in 2021. It will be held from 25th to 28th February at the Filmoteca de Catalunya and the Zumzeig cinema.

In 2020 we have lived through strange times and you have to be a bit crazy to undertake a new cultural project. But this no longer stops anyone.

 In Barcelona, surprisingly, non-fiction cinema is in short supply. It is a city that was at the forefront of the documentary language boom at the beginning of this century, with numerous filmmakers, films that marked an era, specialised film schools… but nowadays the programming of contemporary non-fiction trends is limited or even non-existent. For this main reason, and for several others expressed in our presentation, a festival is born unexpectedly. So that you can look forward to it every year.

You will be able to check out the programme, timetables and all the activities that this event will carry out on this website and our social networks. See you soon!

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